EC2 Discovery Relabelling (Rating: 3)

Let’s say you are on EC2 and wanted to use the Name tag rather than the private IP and port you’d get by default with EC2 service discovery. You could use a relabel rule like:

service discovery with mesos-dns (Rating: 0)

How to service discovery with mesos dns for prometheus ?

HAProxy reverse proxy for Prometheus with SSL and Auth (Rating: 0)

The following configuration uses HAProxy to act as a reverse proxy for Prometheus node data collection with SSL and http auth.

Accessing a subset of prometheus endpoints over SSL+auth (Rating: 1)

Prometheus configuration to scrape from such a node behind SSL and basic auth. Assumes your Prometheus scrape target has a pukka SSL/TLS server certificate (otherwise use your own CA etc.).

Basic auth with Caddy webserver (Rating: 1)

Here's a simple Caddyfile to add basic auth in front of prometheus and alertmanager :

Apache reverse proxy for Prometheus (Rating: 0)

This is a simple configuration for Apache to act as a reverse proxy for Prometheus, allowing for SSL and/or user authentication. It should be on its own VirtualServer.

Average of a Summary/Histogram (Rating: 1)

If you have a Summary or Histogram how do you get the average latency/bytes/whatever?

Nginx Reverse Proxy for Prometheus (Rating: 0)

Here’s an Nginx configuration that simply acts as a reverse proxy from Prometheus on port 9090 to port 80:

Prometheus Config for SNMP exporter (Rating: 1)

The configuration for the SNMP exporter inPrometheus should look like:

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